Sunday, 20 September 2015

mobile pressure washer

High-pressure washing is not something that the average property requires on a regular basis. While, it is possible to purchase electric pressure washers from the big box stores for a couple of hundred dollars these may not be a useful investment. Normally pressure washer capacity is measured with a combination of pounds per square inch (PSI) and water flow – represented by gallons per minute (GPM). For low-end electric pressure washers, this gives a cleaning unit figure of 2,400 units. At the next price point homeowner grade, gas engine models reach around 6,210 cleaning units and retail from $800.

mobile pressure washer

Sparkleen uses the latest high-pressure washing technology, our equipment runs at 16,000+ cleaning units. We will come to your property and perform the task using the most professional technology combined with our professional experience. Our experienced staff are ready to tackle jobs in a professional manner and bring you the benefit of our many years in this business. Contact us to see how an annual professional clean will save money and bring out the best for your home or commercial property.

mobile pressure washing business

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